Research Directorate

The NUS Medical Society Research Directorate and the Wong Hock Boon Society seek to promote and support student involvement in research, innovation and enterprise, to help nurture budding clinician-scientists, clinician-researchers and clinician-innovators for the future.

We hope to achieve this through our programs and initiatives aimed at:

  • cultivating interest and improving understanding of medical research
  • equipping students with the necessary research skills
  • bringing students research opportunities at the undergraduate level
  • creating platforms to showcase student research projects and recognize outstanding work in research & innovation


The directorate consists of several committees to cater to the diverse needs of the student population.

  1. Research Outreach & Project Matching Committee: offers research project matching with mentors from various hospitals and departments to help students get started on research
  2. Innovation & Enterprise Committee: seeks to nurture innovative research & enterprise among medical students and promote cross-disciplinary research collaborations to come up with innovative ideas to solve clinical problems
  3. Skills, Mentorship & Education Committee: serves to cultivate interest in research among medical students and equip students with necessary research skills to embark on projects
  4. Events, Workshops & Courses Committee: seeks to create platforms for our young budding student researchers to showcase their research work and promote intellectual discourse between our students and the scientific community through symposiums, conferences & other events

We would be engaging students through the NUS MedSoc Newsfeed, emails, and other avenues, to communicate about available research projects, research skills workshops, competitions, conferences and symposiums, and other events organized by The Wong Hock Boon Society and Research Directorate. Students can also apply through the newsfeeds (instructions will be appended to emails) for research projects during the respective project matching cycles.

To find out more about The Wong Hock Boon Society, you can refer to our website:

To find out more about the Medical Grand Challenge, you can refer to our official website: and our MGC facebook page:

We would also be encouraging students to follow our Facebook page at: for the Wong Hock Boon Society and Research Directorate.

Bite-sized updates are also available on our Instagram page at:

This would serve as an avenue for students to learn more about current medical research developments as well as celebrate the achievements of clinician-scientists around the globe.


Projected Programs and Initiatives (AY17/18)

  • Research Project-Matching Initiatives
  • Research Skills Workshops (e.g. SPSS, Molecular Techniques workshops)
  • Medical Education Student Symposium [Research Track]
  • NUS Medical Grand Challenge
  • Wong Hock Boon Society Symposium
  • Speaker / Senior-sharing Initiatives
  • Annual Research Guide
  • Local Conference Collaborations with Hospitals
  • And more!