Organisational Development Directorate

The Organisational Development Directorate aims to develop the society through 3 Rs- Resources, Relationships and Representation.

The directorate spearheads any fundraising efforts taken by the society and taps on branding and economies of scale to build upon resources so as to fulfil the needs of the society. Some of the recent fundraising efforts taken by the society would be the movie screening done in tandem with the Association of Women Doctors along with the SGH fundraiser, both of which occurred in 2016.

The directorate also serves to represent the society in developing relationships with potential and existing partners in order to build strong and sustainable ties.

One of organisational development's key initiatives is spearheading the development of strong relationships with our alumni through various avenues of engagement. Through luncheons and dialogues, student projects can be showcased to build a better understanding of the current climate of YLL as well as facilitate discourse across the generations. We hope to preserve the strong culture of support for our peers and strengthen stakes in student development. Our initiatives aim to reinforce bonds within the student community so as to build a sense of belonging and continuity even after graduation.

Furthermore, we believe that parents play an integral role in our students’ holistic development through medical school. A key initiative is Parent’s Day, a full day event where they are welcomed to the campus for a series of curated talks on student life by our beloved professors, Dean’s Office and MedSoc directors. The directorate wishes to fester a stronger relationship between the school and parents through this joint effort.

The directorate takes charge of the representation as well as the engagement and outreach of the society. Some of our major partners include the Association of Women Doctors (Singapore), Singapore Medical Association (SMA), Singhealth and MOH Holdings.