NUS Student Union (NUSSU)

The NUSSU Representative is part of the NUS Student Union Executive Committee, and serves as a bridge between the NUS Student Union (NUSSU) and the Medical Society. He oversees links with other NUS Constituent Clubs, and fights for the rights of the NUS Medical Club, which comprises the Medicine and Nursing Community, at the level of the NUSSU Council should the need arise. He strives to translate feedback from the Medicine Community, into improvements such as those relating to dining and transport within campus. He also brings University-wide events and initiatives to the Medicine Community, to further the involvement of the Medicine Community in the University. Please visit for more information


NUSSU Walkabout

The NUSSU EXCO walks the ground frequently to engage fellow peers and understand their problems and concerns in order to enact change on an NUS-wide level.

Exam Welfare Packs

To spur and encourage everyone in their exams, NUSSU gives out Exam Welfare Packs on an NUS-wide level.


The NUSSU EXCO and Committees organize camps for the student population such as Union Camp, Student Leader's Camp and more. The NUSSU EXCO also engages the Office of Student Affairs on changes of camp regulations and directions.

Rag & Flag

The NUSSU EXCO works with the NUS Constituent Clubs to work out the direction and regulations of the year's Rag & Flag.

Photo courtesy of Calvin Tjio, 2016

Photo courtesy of Calvin Tjio, 2016


Keynote Address

The Keynote Address sees the congregation of students from health science schools and faculties in NUS, NTU and DUKE-NUS for an intense and meaningful discussion about pertinent healthcare issues. Big figures in the healthcare sector are invited to share their wisdom and insight for students to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the healthcare scene in Singapore.

Awards & Appreciation Nite (AAN)

AAN is a night of celebration and appreciation, where awards and accolades are given out to students and staff for outstanding performance and unwavering dedication to the NUS Medicine community.

Other NUSSU events

NUSSU EXCO organises countless NUS-wide activites including Open Day, Thanks!NUS, NUS Union Camp, Free Cone Day, Exam Welfare Packs, Rag & Flag and more!