International Relations Directorate

The Functions of the International Relations Directorate (IRD) are as follows:

  1. International Relations Leader – we act as the thought leader and key decision-maker in international relations issues pertaining to the Society, and as a role model for students acting as ambassadors of the Society and the school.
  2. Chief Representative – we represent and advocates for the interests of the student body in international relations matters.
  3. Administrator – we seek to promote and coordinate ambassadorship opportunities and empower students to be competent ambassadors. Because IRD is a young committee in its third year of office, we are in the process of creating exciting opportunities for the YLLSoM student body in terms of international exposure. This includes bilateral exchanges, hosting of our international medical counterparts and providing information/help for student electives.


  • 17-19 Jan 2017 - Exchange: Faculty of Medicine, Indonesia
  • May/August 2017 - Bilateral Exchange: NUS - Tzu Chi University, Taiwan
  • 23 June 2017 - M3 Electives Sharing Session
  • 28-30 July 2017 - Exchange: International Islamic University, Malaysia
  • August 2017 - Exchange: Bandung Islamic University
  • 4-6 Sep 2017 - Raffles Dialogue


Bilateral Exchanges

In response to feedback, we are in the process of exploring more bilateral exchanges for our NUS students to increase their international portfolio. We also invite students to host visiting international students with us, representing YLL as an ambassador of the school. Lastly, we work closely with DO to improve the electives application process and opportunities given to clinical students.

Look out for us!

We publicise our events and updates through the weekly Newsfeed, through message blasts via class reps and through the NUS MedSoc social media platforms. As of now, we mostly take charge of hosting international students and overseeing student-led exchanges. We are looking into electives sharing sessions for students to share their elective experiences and for pre-clinical students to understand the process better.