Freshman Orientation Committee

Freshmen Orientation Committee (FOC) Directorate’s main objective is to organize and operate the freshmen orientation package which include MediCamp, Freshmen Orienation Committee Community Service Project (FOCCIP), Freshmen Challenge. FOC Directorate’s vision of “More than a Doctor” hopes to encourage fellow medical students to discover more about themselves- their personal identity, beliefs, values, passions and hobbies that define who they are. We recognize that every student comes into Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (YLLSoM) with their own unique dreams and aspirations, personal life experiences and values held close to heart. This shapes their identity. Hence we hope to encourage personal growth through creating a safe and non-stifling community that could encourage individual expression and self-discovery.



Date: 4th - 7th July 2017

Medicamp is a camp for NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Freshmen. It represents the first step of the new medical students into medical school and aims to cultivate in them a sense of belonging in the medical community, and to provide opportunities for them to network with their peers and seniors. MediCamp hopes to foster an environment for the incoming freshmen which values diversity as a strength and creates an avenue for each individual to be incorporated into the greater medical community.

Freshmen Orientation Committee Community Service Project (FOCCIP)

Date: 14th July 2017

FOCCIP is an important annual event held for the NUS Yong Yoo Lin School of Medicine freshmen to orientate our freshmen and give them a glimpse into their future career as doctors. Through this, we also hope to emphasise the importance of community involvement and soft skills and in doing so, inspire our freshmen to give back to society not only in medical school, but for the rest of their lives.

Autism Experiential Day

Date: 1st Aug 2017

Autism Experiential Day will be held to educate our Freshmen about autism itself through experiential learning. The emphasis is on the challenges of the condition from the perspectives of an autistic individual and a caretaker. This will enable freshmen to feel more deeply for the cause, and motivate them to reach out to the community of people with autism even after the orientation season.

Freshmen Challenge

Date: 22nd Aug 2017

Freshmen Challenge will be the finale event in the freshmen orientation package for all NUS Yong Yoo Lin School of Medicine Freshmen. The objectives of the Freshmen Challenge are inclusiveness, bonding, resilience, Continuity & Collaboration.