Community Service Directorate


Community Service Projects

The NUS Medical Society prides itself in its’ thriving community service culture. With more than 30 projects available, volunteering opportunities are abundant and many others have been inspired to take up the challenge to organise more projects serving a diverse range of needs. Our students have the opportunity to take charge and organise various projects serving both local and overseas communities. To support their efforts, the Community Service Directorate was expanded in 2015 to organise various initiatives and programmes to support and strengthen this culture, and to facilitate better coordination and collaboration between the existing projects. Projects can tap on the Society’s resources to achieve better outcome.

The current list of projects can be found at:

If you are planning to create any new project, or if your organisation would like partner the Society for community service, feel free to contact for more information.




Project Registry & Support Service

We leave no project behind.

Our projects work hard to serve the communities out there. On our side, we work hard to support them in their efforts. This service provides projects with a point of contact from the Directorate, and assists in project support and advisory.

As a coordinating body, we collate key information from projects, map out needs, initiatives and outcome by all projects, and represent to key partners and stakeholders in the community. Projects can also utilize this service to tap on various initiatives by all directorates of medical society, through timely and relevant referral by this service. Through this service, we hope to create a sense of unity amongst community service projects in the medical society.

Projects must have NUS medical students on the committee to qualify for this. To enter this registry, please fill in the form at

Resource Bank for Projects

The resource bank will be a one-stop reference for various projects, to understand various important policies and practices essential for project organization.

Basic Screening Guidelines Workshop

The Basic Screening Guidelines workshop will take place in March 2017 and serves to educate pre-clinical project committee members and volunteers on the indications of various screening modalities in Singapore and the interpretation of results from health screenings that they conduct. This workshop will be conducted by medical students in their clinical years and through this workshop, we hope that pre-clinical students can have a better understanding of the screening practices in Singapore and pass on accurate and relevant knowledge to participants of health screenings.




CommServ Summit

CommServ Summit is an event to provide a platform for projects to showcase, share, and engage various partners and stakeholders on the initiatives and achievements of their projects. Primarily aimed at the freshmen, this event seeks to inspire freshmen to engage in community service, and to give a clear picture of the community service scene in the medical society. Students and projects from other healthcare related courses, such as Nursing and Pharmacy, will be invited as well, in a bid towards having more inter-professional collaboration. During the event, projects will be invited to put up an exhibition booth, and to share more about their projects. There will also be concurrent talks by speakers ranging from faculty members to senior medical students, to engage the participants on issues regarding community service.

Our upcoming summit will be held in Aug 2017. Stay tuned for more information!

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Service Leader Huddle

Service Leader Huddle is an event to provide a chance for projects to come together to share and discuss issues relevant to their projects, as well as to allow them to voice out their opinions to help the NUS Medical Society to improve practices with regards to community service. This event seeks to unite projects under the medical society, and to increase communications between the various projects to bridge any information asymmetry. We will also be partnering various external organisations to come in to share their practices and information relevant to community service, to allow projects to gain a better understanding of the communities they serve.

Our upcoming huddle will be held in Feb 2017. Stay tuned for more information!