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Community Service Projects

The NUS Medical Society prides itself in its’ thriving community service culture. With more than 30 projects available, volunteering opportunities are abundant and many others have been inspired to take up the challenge to organise more projects serving a diverse range of needs. Our students have the opportunity to take charge and organise various projects serving both local and overseas communities. To support their efforts, the Community Service Directorate was expanded in 2015 to organise various initiatives and programmes to support and strengthen this culture, and to facilitate better coordination and collaboration between the existing projects. Projects can tap on the Society’s resources to achieve better outcome.

The current list of projects can be found at:

If you are planning to create any new project, or if your organisation would like partner the Society for community service, feel free to contact for more information.



Project Registry

We leave no project behind.

And while our projects work hard to serve the communities out there, we work hard to support them in their efforts.

The CommServ Project Registry charts key information from all of our MedSoc projects, and maps out their needs, initiatives and outcomes. This Registry will then be used as a guide for the Directorate to plan more targeted events and initiatives for our projects, and to represent them to our partners and stakeholders. In addition, the Project Registry will also be used for key marketing initiatives by MedSoc, to establish new partnerships and procure more funding.

Run by our Clusters and Mentorship Department, the Project Registry is also a platform for projects to update us on their plans and needs, to allow the CommServ Directorate to assist them in whatever means possible.

Doctors' Recruitment Drive

Many of our projects require the expert advice and guidance of practicing doctors, be it as short-term volunteers or long-term mentors. However, some of them may face difficulties in reaching out to and recruiting doctors interested in their cause.

Here at CommServ, we strive to bridge this gap and allow our MedSoc community service projects grow and succeed. Through our partnerships with the various Sponsoring Institutions in Singapore, we helped local and overseas CIP projects such as the Neighbourhood Health Service, Public Health Service, Project Lokun, Project Sothea and Sabai Vision reach out to multiple doctors and residents from the various restructured hospitals in Singapore.



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For prospective Directorate members, here is a summary of our events planned for AY 2017/18 you can be a part of! 

commserv events


CommServ Summit

CommServ Summit is an annual event that aims to showcase our various MedSoc project, as well as to provide them with a platform to publicise their projects to the incoming batch of M1s and our peers from LKC Medicine and the Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies.  The Summit hopes to inspire freshmen to engage extensively in community service, and join their batchmates and seniors in pursuing these meaningful causes and to give back to society.

In addition, Summit has also engaged established speakers such as Dr Liow Chee Hsiang (previous Chairman of General Management Team of Bless China International) and Dr Angeline Tey (previous head of Tri-generational HomeCare) to share their experiences with us, and to provide invaluable advice to our project leaders!

The next CommServ Summit is planned to occur in the second half of 2018.

Service Leaders' Huddle

The Service Leaders’ Huddle is platform for all of the project leaders of our MedSoc community service projects to share their experiences with one another. Through this, we hope to facilitate the sharing of best practices and problem-solving methodologies with one another (especially between closely-related projects), and to find out more about the challenges and difficulties our project directors are facing to tailor our future CommServ initiatives.

Beyond this, we also hope to foster greater collaboration and partnerships between the different MedSoc community service projects, and to create a support system in which project leaders will know who they can approach in future should they face any difficulties in future.

In the past 2 runs of Huddle, we have also invited speakers fromthe National Youth Council, Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Programme and Magical Light Foundation, as well as project leaders from established and older MedSoc projects to share their invaluable experiences with us!

Screening Guidelines Workshop

The annual Screening Guidelines Workshop aims to educate pre-clinical project committee members and volunteers on the indications of various screening modalities in Singapore and the interpretation of results from health screenings that they conduct. Conducted by senior medical students in their clinical years, we hope that pre-clinical students can get a better understanding of the screening practices in Singapore and pass on accurate and relevant knowledge to the beneficiaries they screen.

The inaugural Screening Guidelines Workshop was held in March 2017 in partnership with the NUH Division of Family Medicine, and reached out to more than 85 project committee members across Phase I and II. This year, we covered topics like Why we do screenings, and shared about the epidemiology, pathophysiology, risk factors, indications for screening and interpretation of results for a multitude of conditions such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus, colorectal cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer.

The next Screening Guidelines Workshop is projected to happen in the first quarter of 2018, and we look forward to meeting everyone there!


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