Career Guidance Directorate

The Career Guidance Directorate serves 3 main functions:

  1. Student Advocacy
    We serve to encourage discussion about students’ future careers and remain updated about students’ career concerns, so that we can advocate on behalf of students to external stakeholders, namely faculty, MOH, MOHH and Sponsoring Institutions.
  2. Student Representation
    We engage our external partners and develop mutually beneficial relationships so as to continue promoting student interests in career-related policymaking.
  3. Correcting information asymmetry
    We hope to help students make informed career choices by identifying gaps in students’ knowledge about careers, obtaining information to fill that gap, and presenting it via accessible means like career talks, career fairs and engagement sessions. We also hope to expedite the delivery of important information from our external partners to students, so that students remain updated and aware of their career pathways moving forward.


Career Talks & Sharing

Career Fairs


s/p Medical School (18 Nov 2016)

At s/p Medical School, we invite speakers to share with students the changes they can expect after graduating from medical school. Information regarding PGY1/HOPEX/MOPEX and the Residency system will be pitched to the pre-clinical students at a level they understand. We feel that this talk will provide our students with accurate information about medical post-graduate training early in their medical career, so they can clarify misconceptions early and start thinking about their future plans now. Our speakers this year are Prof Shirley Ooi, DIO NUHS, and Dr Victor Ong, Director, PGY1, NUHS, and they will be clarifying points on PGY1/HOPEX/MOPEX and the Residency system, which are the main paths our students will take after graduating.

Overview to Specialties

For this talk, we invite speakers from the Medical, Surgical and Others specialties to (separately) share with our pre-clinical students some general ideas about their specialty so students can find out more before rotating through and exploring these specialties even further in their clinical years. It is aimed at students with minimal knowledge of the specific specialty, and for those who already have some interest, it will also serve as a platform to clarify any doubts or misconceptions and an opportunity to network with these senior doctors.

  • Medical specialties (25 Nov 2016): Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine
  • Surgical specialties (25 Jan 2017): Opthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
  • Others (18 Jan 2017): Public Health, Anaesthesia, Radiology, Pathology, Emergency Medicine

Realities of Medicine and Other Career Advice (16 Dec 2016)

This is a small, cosy sharing session organised by the Career Guidance Directorate together with knowledgeable speakers Dr Adrian Kee and Dr Raj Menon. The aim of this session is for our speakers to offer insights about the climate of the Singapore healthcare system and its impact on doctors and future doctors. Participants can also converse freely with our speakers in these informal session, and ask any burning questions they may have.

In the Life of a Doctor (17 Feb and 24 Feb 2017)

This is an event aimed at clinical year students, and comprises several career talks and a career fair running concurrently. Residents from the more popular Residency Programs across the 3 Sponsoring Institutions will be invited to speak about their Residency Programs and set up a booth at the career fair. This event hopes to give students the opportunity to compare Residency Programs across the 3 SIs side-by-side, as well as interact more closely with the residents. In addition, non-residents – a Medical Officer, a Resident Physician and a General Practitioner – will be invited to share about the non-specialist tract which majority of our graduates are expected to go through.