EXCO Election Newsfeed #4

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1. Cheryl Chong (Treasury)

Hi! I am Cheryl Chong from the M2 batch this year! I want to join MedSoc because I feel that it is something which is very important in the lives of all medical students, although many do not notice. I am a person who is extremely committed and dedicated to what I believe in, and this is one of them! I assure you that I will definitely put in my 100% into this role, I hope that you will give me your support and grant me the opportunity to serve you. 

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2. Chia Lynn (Publications)

Hello! I’m Chia Lynn (M2), running for Publications Director! J

If elected, I hope to achieve these 3 aims:

1. Increase participation and involvement in the publications – getting more people on board the team to help design, write and publicize (mainly Auricle – the publication for the med students, by the med students)! As well as increase participation in our annual Writing Month!

2. Building interest in literature – providing more exposure to literature through outreach initiatives and events. Showcase and recognise works of the medical students on various platforms.

3. Fostering talent in writers and designers – providing more space to explore and be creative, improving skills through networking and collaborating with fellow enthusiasts. Providing workshop opportunities to learn and better their skills.

I hope you can give me your vote of confidence! To create a vibrant culture of literary appreciation and expression in med school!

Please vote YES for CHIA LYNN as Publications Director! Thank you! J

3. Vanessa Chen (IRD)

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Hello! I am Vanessa, and I am running for the position of International Relations Director

As someone who has actively participated in international exchanges and conferences such as the 70th World Health Assembly, advocating for change at the global arena, I have gained a global perspective and experience in building international connections. 

I hope to use my experience and skills to create more opportunities for YOU to have greater international exposure. This means greater access to more exciting and diverse bilateral exchanges and enjoying greater opportunities to explore what YOU want to do for electives.

I hope you will place your trust in me to champion for your interests. I will be explaining some of my plans in detail in the subsequent emails. Stay tuned!

Thank you! :)

4. Christelle (VP)

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This photo shows a group of Indonesian medical students with some of us NUS kids (spot Christelle making the cute pose!) when they visited us from Jakarta in Jan 2017.

As International Relations Director, I understand how important it is to build good relations with external parties (local and overseas) and put our best foot forward. This will boost our reputation in the medical fraternity, both locally and internationally, as well as provide our students with more opportunities for project collaboration.

As VP, I hope to help spearhead the effort to improve our school’s representation to all partners, so that our students may reap the benefits of these relations professionally, personally and otherwise.

5. Isaac (Research)


Hi everyone! My name is Isaac (M2) and I’m running for MedSoc Research Director! =D

Research Directorate serves to promote research, innovation & enterprise among medical students.

I’ll be adopting a four-tiered model for RD – interest, skills, opportunities and platform. Please refer to my manifesto (https://www.dropbox.com/s/qqzigev6msplcq3/69th%20Application%20Form_%20Research%20Director_Ng%20Kah%20Siang%20Isaac.docx?dl=0) for more details J

But briefly…

1.       Interest

-          Cultivate interest in research, improve understanding of what student research entails and how clinical research is increasingly integral in medical education & practice – such as the promise of genomics in bringing targeted therapy to patients  

-          Two key initiatives I’m looking at: sharing (tea) sessions with Seniors / Clinicians / Scientists and speaker series discussing ‘hot’ topics in research

2.      Skills

-          With greater interest in research, our research skills workshops in RD (e.g. SPSS, molecular techniques etc.) would then serve to equip students with the necessary skills  

3.      Opportunities

-          To continue the current project-matching efforts, with an aim to widen the spectrum of projects and adopt a more tailored approach

4.      Platforms

-          To build on current platforms (e.g. NUS MGC, WHBS Symposium) for students to present their research findings to the scientific community and win awards for outstanding projects

6. Shawn Wong (Acad)

Hi Everyone!

Shawn again! Today, I’d like to share a bit more about our second area of focus:

Empowering learning, Encouraging Mentorship, Engendering change

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Our mentorship and teaching programmes are currently only available to the M1s. This year, we would like to try to expand them to include the M2 batch. Additionally, if the opportunity arises, we would like to invite passionate individuals who are not members of the directorate to join us as mentors in these programmes. For students in the clinical years, we will continue to work closely with our seniors to identify additional areas that can be supported.

We also intend to increase our collaborative efforts with the “cases and problems” team. Our aim is to identify gaps in the peer-to-peer and near-pear teaching schemes that are currently available, and to offer new programmes which may fill these gaps.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me! Thank you!!!

7. Michelle Khoo (Career)

Hi all!

I am Michelle, and I am running for Career Directorate. Today, I am going to briefly introduce my plans for Career Directorate, as well as why you should vote for me. Do look out for my future election newsfeed posts for a more detailed plan!

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This term, my main focus would be on these three core functions. The reason why I believe these three functions are very important is based on the previous Medsoc Grand Survey, where there was feedback from different years on what they wanted, and hence I believe a tailored plan is necessary to reach out to each year based on their needs.

And finally, as the Welfare Director of the 68th Medical Society, I am well-versed with the ins and outs of Medsoc and will be able to better work and collaborate with my fellow exco members in order to bring about more initiatives and changes for YOU.

Please vote for me!

Michelle Khoo (Career Guidance Candidate)

8. Fan Shuen (Treasury)

Hello everyone! I'm Fan Shuen, running for the role of Honorary Treasurer

My 2nd reason for wanting to run for Honorary Treasurer in the 69th Medical Society EXCO, also happens to be a belief I hold very dear! 

"To whom much is given, much is expected"

I cannot be more grateful for everything I have experienced in medical school: a conducive learning environment, a gazillion opportunities to give back to society, a wonderful senior-junior teaching culture, and most importantly..... so many great friends, seniors and professors!!

This would not have been possible without ALL the great initiatives rolled out by the NUS Medical Society over decades and decades!! Thinking back to M1 life, I'm truly amazed at how much the society was able to contribute in the areas of student advocacy + holistic development. 

Having received so much from the school, it's my turn to give back to the school community! :)



9. Hema (Public Relations)

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Hello! I’m Hema from House 3 and I’m running for Public Relations Director!

You may have seen me in several projects such as

  • SIGNapse
  • Camp Simba and Rafiki
  • AEC and Flag
  • WCC
  • And many more!

With ample experience working with the Dean’s Office and in Medsoc, I decided to run because I feel that I will be able to make a change for the better and push the boundaries of what MedSoc can do for YOU!

‘Never Give Up’ as cliché as it sounds, it has been my motto for years. I am a passionate person who dives head first into hardwork, determined to prove myself. As public relations director, I have 4 main aims which I will explain over the next few election newsfeeds. I’ve provided a sneak peak with the poster above. Do keep a lookout for them!

Feel free to check out my manifesto and ask me questions in the links provided above! 

At the end of the day, you will be deciding the next generation of leaders to continue serving you. 

So, if you feel like I would be suitable, please vote for me!

10. Dylen Mun (IRD)

Hi everyone, I am Dylen Mun an M4, and I’m running for the position of International Relations Director.

If elected, these are some of my proposed ideas:

1.     Greater scope for overseas electives

·        To work with Dean’s Office to increase the range of school-offered electives

·        Provide students with greater matching to their preferred electives locations

2.     More support for self-arranged electives

·        Senior’s sharing for electives and streamlined compilation of feedback on the electives portal

·        Work with DO to improve the current electives portal to make it more intuitive

3.     Financial assistance/subsidies for electives

·        To make an overseas opportunity more assessable for all students

4.     Forge stronger ties with other universities and organizations to provide more international opportunities for students

Vote for Dylen Mun for an international experience for everyone!

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11. Gladys Goh (PR)

Hi everyone! I’m Gladys and I’m running for the position of Public Relations Director!

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Here, I’ll be sharing the plans I’ve laid out for the PR Directorate!

1.     Establish ourselves on YOUTUBE with Humans of YLLSoM revamped in VIDEO form for better engagement, forging better connection with students online & greater media attention on valuable content.

2.     Support students’ development through photography workshops, for different skill levels – basic to intermediate and use these skills in events coverage!

3.     Widen our outreach to YOUR alma mater with Medicine talks given to your BELOVED juniors. I’ll help YOU find out more about entry system and syllabus changes!

4.     Help YOU get greater publicity for NEW interest groups!

5.     Develop NUS Medicine brand with an E-catalogue containing our own merchandise. With the loyalty programme rolled out, the MORE POINTS you earn, the MORE DISCOUNTS you get!

6.     Increase accessibility and convenience for sharing YOUR ideas and opinions with a Suggestion Box placed in each houseroom! These feedbacks will be raised to MedSoc and Dean’s Office during each Presidential Commission session! – YOUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD.

If YOU want these changes implemented, do lend me your support!

Vote “YES” for Gladys for Public Relations Director!

12. Joshua Lee (AHGS)

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Hello friends! :) In my last message, I asked all of us to take some time to consider what kind of MedSoc we want to build together. Today, I will be sharing with you my vision for the 69th Medical Society and how that will translate into tangible outcomes for the student population.

In short, my vision is for the Medical Society to be “Geared to the Times, Anchored to the Rock. What this means is having a MedSoc that continues to actively put students first - as the bedrock of every initiative. This involves the provision of strong support platforms for student-led initiatives and a timely responsiveness to feedback from the ground, all whilst upholding the legacy, ideals and ethics of the healthcare profession. At the same time, the Medical Society needs to innovate and keep up with developments both within the school and in the healthcare setting, to ensure that we remain relevant as a student society. 

There are two ways in which I hope to realise this dream, which I will share with you over my next few messages. Stay tuned!!