The time to elect our next generation of leaders for the 69th Medical Society is coming soon! Every vote counts so make sure you make an informed choice when voting for our next batch of directors!

Perhaps you are curious about who exactly will take up these roles as Medsoc directors and EXCO members. This electionnewsfeed aims to give a short introduction of the people running for the various positions, and make their voices heard about why they should become the next director. Be sure to keep a lookout for their speeches after lectures as well!

Submission of applications: 4th August (Friday)  – 18th August (Friday) (2 weeks)
MedSoc EXCO Tea Session: 15th August (Tuesday) 6.30pm
Campaign period: 19th Aug (Saturday) -  29th August (Tuesday) (10 days)
Campaign Briefing (Compulsory): 19th August (Saturday)
Voting period: 30th August (Wednesday) – 1st September (Friday)
Release of Results: 3rd September (Sunday)
Handover: 9th September (Saturday)
MedSoc Day / AGM: 15th September (Friday)

Want to ask any of the participants any questions? Send them to: https://tinyurl.com/69thH2H

Also, click here to view all the participants' application forms for the 69th Medsoc EXCO and find out more about their goals and ambitions!


1. Joshua Lee Ji Kai (AHGS)


Hello everyone! My name is Joshua and I will be running for the position of Assistant Honorary General Secretary! 

Let me start by introducing myself - I am M2 this year, and graduated from ACS (Independent) in 2015! Some of you may also recognise me as the M2 Class Treasurer or Project Silvercare committee member! Last year, I pioneered a new exchange programme to Tzu Chi University in Taiwan for M1s, working closely with Prof Ng Yee Kong and MedSoc International Relations. This valuable opportunity exposed me to the roots of our Silent Mentor programme and what it means to be a good doctor.

Over the coming days, you will be hearing more about each of our goals, ideas and motivations for the 69th Medical Society. As a responsible citizenry, it is timely for all of us to consider - what kind of MedSoc do we want to build together? I encourage all of you to examine my ideas critically with an open mind, ask questions, and vote for the individual who best appeals to your vision for MedSoc. 

I hope to get to share my thoughts with you over the next few days! Stay tuned :)

2. Shawn Wong (Acad)

Hi Everyone!
My name is Shawn, and I’m running for the position of Academic Affairs Director. My team and I would like to focus on three things this year:

Empowering learning, Encouraging Mentorship, Engendering change

Today, I’d like to discuss a bit about the first point:

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 6.16.05 PM.png

These are all current programmes of the directorate, and we will continue to ensure that they are made available to the student population. However, our focus for this year is to move towards a more needs-based model. 
Are our briefings given at the wrong time, do they not address the questions you may have? Is our helpline response time too slow, or are the quality of the answers not up to your expectations? And would you like to have a greater variety of resources to study from?
We want to hear what you have to say- because at the heart of it all, we want our programmes to go towards fulfilling your educational needs! If you have any questions or suggestions, my team and I would love to hear from you! Do feel free to drop me a message at shawnwong.101@gmail.com.
Please vote for me!


3. Gladys Goh (Public Relations)
Hello friends! I’m Gladys (M2), running for Public Relations Director!

How YOU will benefit?
Establishing ourselves on YOUTUBE: Remember scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and seeing long paragraphs for Humans of YLLSoM [Alumni Edition]? Feeling too tired to read the long posts? I plan to revamp it into a video instead! One that ENGAGES YOU and aids easier understanding!  
Photography Workshops: Have a chance to polish YOUR photography skills and put them to good use in events coverage!
Outreach to YOUR alma mater: Giving talks to your juniors about medical school? Fret not! I’ll help YOU find out more about entry system and syllabus changes PLUS provide up-to-date handouts to BENEFIT YOUR BELOVED JUNIORS!
Online Catalogue and Merchandise: Featuring NUS Medicine’s very own products and earn loyalty points! The MORE POINTS you earn, the MORE DISCOUNTS you get!
Drop-in Feedback: Sharing of YOUR ideas and opinions is made easier with a Suggestion Box placed in each houseroom! These feedbacks are then raised to MedSoc and Dean’s Office during the Presidential Commission sessions! – YOUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD.
All these will not be possible without YOU!
I’ll need YOUR HELP to:
Vote “YES” for Gladys for Public Relations Director!!
Thank you!

4. Tseng Fan Shuen (Treasurer)
Hello everyone! I'm Fan Shuen, running for the role of Honorary Treasurer. 

In the next few Elections Newsfeeds, I will tell you 5 reasons why I hope to be Honorary Treasurer in the 69th Medical Society EXCO! 


Managing the Treasury is not easy work -- make no mistake about it. 
Vetting, submitting and filing a gazillion claims, filling and checking quotations, settling bulk payments, signing cheques, filing for audits etc. The work never ends!! 

BUT, I'm always ready for a challenge. No matter how arduous, tedious, or frustrating, I always give my very best for the benefit of the student population and the society. 


(Stay tuned for the remaining 4 Elections Newsfeeds!)

5. Christelle (Vice President)

Hi everyone! 
I’m Christelle (House 8) and I am running for the position of Vice President this coming term. 


(That’s me in the photo with my trusty bread and wine nearby.)

I came to this decision throughout my past term as the International Relations Director, where I had the chance to see Medsoc’s inner workings and really identify what the next Medsoc can slowly improve on for the benefit of our student body. 


Stay tuned for the next few Election Newsfeeds to know more of how I hope to work with the next Medsoc in achieving these goals!