Message from the Medsoc Leadership

Dear friends,

Thank you for supporting the NUS Medical Society (Medsoc). As an independent organisation registered under the Registry of Societies, Medsoc serves as the student representative body for NUS medical students, advocating for our students’ interests and providing them opportunities for holistic development. After seven decades of service, Medsoc remains strongly committed to upholding our mission, and promoting the values and principles of the healthcare profession.

The team from the 68 th EXCO has been entrusted to serve the needs of medical students, and this is a role we take very seriously. In our term of office, we will continue to serve the needs of the medical student community, spanning the domains of education & training, outreach & engagement, student life, and administration. In addition, we are working toward refining our needs assessment frameworks and our volunteer development policies as a part of ongoing reforms in the Society.

To this day, Medsoc plays an integral role in the local medical education scene, and among the ranks of its membership have emerged generations of healthcare leaders and changemakers –– in clinical medicine, public administration, research and innovation, and education. This legacy is a part of the

NUS Medicine identity, which is a dynamic concept that is built upon year on year with a rigorous academic curriculum and a multitude of opportunities in community engagement, sports, the arts, interprofessional initiatives, peer-to- peer mentorship, and student governance.

Even as we look inward to strengthen the unique identity of our student community, we will continue to reach out to our organisational partners to create and promote more opportunities for collaboration. We work closely with our Faculty from the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, our alumni (reaching back to the School’s founding in 1905), the national health authorities, healthcare institutions and other advocacy groups, and we are looking forward to exploring partnership opportunities with other stakeholders in the global health community.

Our thanks goes out to our peers, alumni, partners and predecessors for the legacy they have built and the vision they have set forth. As stewards of the Society, we look forward to growing our community with you in the coming year, for we owe this growth not to ourselves, but to those who have come before and will come after us.

Yours truly,

Ivan Low Jinrong (Mr)

President, 68 th Executive Committee

Hargaven Singh Gill (Mr)

Vice President, 68 th Executive Committee