Submission Guidelines for Auricle 2018


The theme for this year’s Auricle is Fringe, works loosely associated with the theme are fine! Feel free to submit anything. The Auricle Magazine will consider work submitted in any format below. Kindly include your name, year of study and title of work before 14th January. Anonymous entries will be accepted if indicated as such. Please email your work to:

  • For Visual Medium, any picture file format is that is commonly use is acceptable, however, do avoid .psd and .raw formats. JPEGs, PNGs, are recommended.
  • For Written works, a format that is editable is required, i.e. Worddoc. PDF is not encouraged.
  • Hardcopy of any artistic projects will not be accepted, please convert any such pieces into your digital medium of choice.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Works submitted to The Auricle may undergo several rounds of editing by the Editor. The Auricle will edit the work in collaboration with the Owner, the final publication format and content will be published only in agreement with the Owner.
  • Works submitted to The Auricle will not receive a guarantee of publication, the Editor has final discretion over publication. A written explanation of non-publication may or may not be provided in such a case.
  • Copyright ownership will rest with the Owner and enforcement of copyright laws remains the sole liability of the Owner to pursue.
  • By submitting a work for publication, the Owner allows unrestricted publication of said work on The Auricle in print and other media forms as well as usage by The Auricle and its affiliates.
  • Through submission, the owner acknowledges the originality of any submission communicated to The Auricle and accepts responsibility for its accuracy, appropriateness, and legality. In particular the work must be free from any unreasonable appropriation of existing artworks not of the Owner’s creation.
  • If you have any questions about the rights and restrictions above, please contact The Auricle at
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