Arts and Culture Directorate

The Arts and Culture directorate aims to further enhance the experience of students in their time in YLLSoM via means of Arts. We organize events to showcase and celebrate the art scene in Medicine and all the healthcare faculties in NUS in general, creating platform for students to showcase their talents and explore interest and culture that they never knew they had. Our core function is to enhance student life and spread culture throughout Medicine to enable students to have a meaningful and holistic student life in YLLSoM and enter the working world with fond memories of their student life and the soft skill that the Arts is able to cultivate.

We are the middleman, the matchmaker and the mentors all rolled into one! We help match like-minded students interested in similar culture and arts together to further explore their interests. We help student groups find oppourtunity to showcase their talents in and out of campus grounds. We provide professional mentorship by established memebers of the arts directorate to students who wish to find a new interest. We can be readily contacted via email at


We organize the annual Playhouse, in December, which is a massive production from all 5 batches to put up a play each, in a friendly competition to cultivate culture and the love for arts.

We also have new initatives and groups springing our every year and plenty of oppurtunities to perform and display our memebers talents. heART Buzz is an annual initiative held every February to showcase arts of all forms from the healthcare faculties in NUS, is also organized by the arts and culture directorate.