Academic Directorate

The Academic Affairs Directorate comprises like-minded, enthusiastic members who share three common goals in their contributions to the work of the directorate:

  1. Empowering learning: we provide necessary and relevant academic support for the members of the society through various services and platforms
  2. Encouraging mentorship: we aim to cultivate a spirit of mentorship within the society by providing opportunities for teaching, sharing, and learning;
  3. Engendering change: we serve as advocates and the voice of the society in academic-related affairs through active feedback and representation at key meetings with the administrators.

As one of three key players in the Education and Training Cluster of the Medical Society, we work towards our vision of an optimal learning environment for all members, which at the same time exemplifies the spirit of mentorship inherent in the long history of Medicine.


Academic Helpline

The Academic Helpline provides students a convenient portal to clarify their doubts regarding curriculum content, and to share the notes they create with their batchmates or their juniors. The responses are collated and sent out timely to the batch so that everyone learns collectively.

Academic Resources Curation

The directorate maintains a pool of academic resources, including resources shared by members of the society, tutorial resources and useful documents kindly shared by tutors. Members of the society may access their respective folders to facilitate and aid their learning.

Academic Sharing Sessions

Directorate members conduct academic sharing sessions, where we provide useful tips and advice for exam preparation. We also highlight important content points which should be focused on, both for examinations and for future clinical use.

Teaching Initiatives

We work with other existing initiatives to roll out a comprehensive series of teaching programmes where senior students have the opportunity to mentor their juniors, while at the same time reinforcing their understanding of the topic of interest.

Needs Assessment and Advocacy

We aim to assess the educational needs of the individual classes and advocate for the changes that the members of the society wish to see in the educational environment of our faculty.


The directorate's work is not characterised by a series of discrete events, but a continuum of academic support services across the year. This ranges from timely academic helpline responses to academic sharing sessions, amongst others. Students can expect:

Academic Sharing Sessions

  • Sessions at the start of the year: hear from seniors regarding the textbooks and helpful resources available online, and general tips to start off the new academic year
  • Sessions before examinations: learn some tips and advice for exam preparations, approaches to consider when learning certain topics, and important content knowledge for exams as well as for clinical purposes
  • Clinical year sharing: targeted at the M2s after their professional exams, this sharing session aims to advise them on how best to optimize their time in the wards, and adapt to clinical year routines

PROS Teaching Sessions

Dedicated teaching sessions for pre-clinical year students in preparation for their professional examinations, conducted by members of the directorate alongside other passionate members of the student population.